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Simpurgo is the new building maintenance company on the block. We're the fresh younger generation the janitorial industry requires to bring it out of the Stone Age. Started from humble beginnings in 2010, we have now evolved into a quality driven building maintenance company who is passionate about making long lasting changes to benefit the industry and all our clients who entrust their cleaning needs with a company who truly cares about quality.


We’ve invested over 3 years of development to create a fully integrated mobile app for you

Janitorial Services Edmonton


In depth QA tracking and monitoring included for all daily cleaning service

Janitorial Services Calgary


Transparency and com- munication is second to none with our 24/7 support portal

Janitorial Services Vancouver

Clients in Western Canada
Sqft Cleaned Daily
Qualified Team Members
Commercial Cleaning
We are fully committed to providing the best combination of quality cleaning, fair prices and consistent delivery for our all building maintenance services. With a professional janitorial provider, you'll experience the best possible commercial cleaning service Vancouver, Calgary or Edmonton has to offer. Simpurgo's commitment to quality service has lead us to 100 percent client retention since 2015 with double digit growth year after year. Our success is due to our core values of caring, delivering the best commercial cleaning service, and our uninterrupted attention towards our clients. Experience why our building maintenance company is the most sought after janitorial service provider in Western Canada. Let us earn the opportunity to partner with you.


Hygienic office cleaning to protect your staff and customers


Allow your customers to enjoy and engage in a clean store


Encourage customer satisfaction with our  visual driven cleaning


Providing staff and patients with approved disinfection cleaning


A service that promotes safer, healthier and cleaner learning environments


Protecting your investment through attractive preventative maintenance

"We actually genuinely care, and we’re known for it."
We actually genuinely care, and we’re know for it. Out team is passionate about making positive changes within your facility. And we just don’t stop at our clients. Out team members are the foundational pillars of our success and are rewarded with full benefits and generous recognition programs.

Simpugo takes pride in providing only high quality janitorial and maintenance services. From our thorough hiring process, to our strenuous training and supervision, to our integrated mobile monitoring app, every step our company takes is focused on providing quality first.

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We understand a cleaning service is an expense and not a revenue stream, therefore we are honored when a client invests in our company to maintain their main investment. Whether it be cleanliness to retain tenants and customers, hygiene cleanliness to protect your staff or preventative maintenance to increase the longevity of your building…your investment is always protected with Simpurgo Building Maintenance.

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Simpurgo is in the janitorial industry so that you do not have to be. Our fully customizable cleaning services are specially designed so that you can focus on your core business while we handle all your commercial cleaning requirements. Ask yourself how much time you have spent handholding and supervising your current cleaning staff?

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Industry Sectors We Service
No job is too big or too small, and no industry surprises us. We clean over 12 million square feet daily and are experienced in handling a variety of cleaning tasks in each industry. All commercial cleaning services available in Edmonton, Calgary and Vancouver


A clean environment isn’t your business’s number one priority. But at Simpurgo, we know that it allows your organization to better focus on the things that are.


Everyone at your healthcare facility is busy with making your patient’s lives better, and a clean safe environment should be an essential component of their wellbeing.


We’re passionate about helping you attract new tenants and retain existing tenants by creating and maintaining a clean environment that your tenants enjoy coming home to.


From lounging in each others’ dorms, to sweating in exam rooms, students are active around campus and your cleaning staff needs to keep up.


When you’re running a store, a car dealership, a shopping mall, or any other retail space, you know that your customer satisfaction comes first.


When it comes to food, customers rightfully have high expectations for cleanliness and we’re always a step ahead in delivering that “wow factor”

Quality assurance and client communication has never been easier with Simpurgo’s new Mobile Operating Platform (MOP)

QA Reporting
Thorough inspection reporting and deficiency data collection
GPS Tracking
Clocking in/out confirmation and tracking by GPS pins
Client Portal
Review activity updates, request work and communicate
WO Tracking
Request, review and track all work orders – start to finish
Our clients
“We have a diverse range of customers, from many types of industries and business sizes, and they all have a common goal; to grow their business and make it a success. Simpurgo is honored to be part of their success by allowing them to concentrate on their core business, not on their cleaning requirements.”
Cactus Club Cafe - Janitorial Services Edmonton

Simpurgo understands what true quality is! The partnership we have with the Simpurgo team enables us to concentrate on running our restaurant. The consistency of quality they deliver gives us extra time each day to focus on other operational tasks. Our clear line of communication together lets us request additional cleaning tasks at ease. FAIR PRICE FOR A FLAWLESS JANITORIAL SERVICE

Midwest Property - Janitorial Services Edmonton

I hired Simpurgo with a former employer and always swore that if I could ever hire their services in the future, I certainly would. And I did! My current company was looking for a new cleaning company, and I knew there could only be one. Simpurgo staff are excellent communicators, strives for the best, and achieves it. I am so happy I could hire them again because I know I can trust them. I trust Simpurgo with their quality and their care of our office space. I don’t anticipate hiring another building maintenance company as long as I have Simpurgo.

Global Total Office - Janitorial Services Edmonton

Working with Simpurgo is the easiest part of my job. Their attention to detail and customer service provides me with a sparkling clean showroom and ease of mind.

Mercer Warehouse

We recently just changed all our restaurants cleaning services to Simpurgo and it has been a night and day difference. It is great to work with such a professional team who cares and goes over and above!

Pattison Advertising - Janitorial Services Calgary

Very happy with Simpurgo’s dedication on the very detailed cleaning of our office. I would recommend Simpurgo to anyone. Nothing… is left undusted or unclean. Any concerns are dealt with quickly & professionally. This customer is very happy.

Aceso Medical Clinic - Janitorial Services Leduc

Since starting to use Simpurgo for our cleaning needs, we have been nothing but happy with their work. Their dedication to cleanliness and organization is far above that of any other like company. As a medical clinic, we pride ourselves with a high level of clinic maintenance and we are thrilled to have Simpurgo be a part of that equation. We would recommend their services to small and large businesses alike! Thank you Simpurgo for the excellent quality of janitorial service!! We look forward to continuing to work with you!!

Weyerhaeuser - Janitorial Services Alberta

Simpurgo was recommended to our organization when we were looking for a company to provide cleaning services. They are very conscientious, hardworking individuals who holds themselves to very high standards. Simpurgo is easy to work with, is reliable and delivers excellent service for very reasonable rates. I would highly recommend Simpurgo to anyone and would be happy to act as a reference for prospective employers.

Realty Executives - Janitorial Services Calgary

We are very pleased with the outstanding cleaning service provided by Simpurgo. They made an instant impression with all our staff and customers. Simpurgo janitorial staff have been reliable and very friendly making this new business relationship a new success. We look forward to many years ahead.

Toshiba - Janitorial Services Edmonton

Simpurgo, is a good as it gets for quality and service. We use then at least one a week at our office! They go above and beyond for their clients (fresh towels, air fresheners, ect). Every Monday when we arrive at work everything looks perfect!! We can’t recommend them enough! Our location states that we are located in Houston, but that is our head office, we are actually in Edmonton.

Mercer Tavern - Janitorial Services Edmonton

We recently just changed all our restaurants cleaning services to Simpurgo and it has been a night and day difference. It is great to work with such a professional team who cares and goes over and above!

Evolved Energy - Building Maintenance Edmonton

Simpurgo’s commitment to meeting their customers needs by providing quality cleaning services is highly valued by our staff. Simpurgo is a top quality commercial cleaning company that has never ceased to meet or exceed our cleaning requirements with a timely response to special requests and quick resolution of any unplanned situations. We are continuously impressed by the quality of services we receive, and will continue to recommend Simpurgo in the future.

Cactus Club Cafe - Janitorial Services Vancouver

I have had the opportunity to have Simpurgo service our business for the past 5 years and it has been a very positive experience. The team is very professional, respectful and dedicated to their work. The constant check ins by management at Simpurgo have ensured quality is always at its highest. Highly recommended!

Cactus Club Cafe - Janitorial Services Vancouver

The team at Simpurgo has been exceptional with the 2 locations of mine that they have serviced. Their quality of work has easily been the best of all the cleaning companies I have worked with. Matthew and his team have been professional and very versatile with meeting our needs even in the midst of COVID-19, which has caused strain on all restaurants.

Thank you guys for the job that you do!


We’re a 24/7 company. We’re here for you.
Reach us after hours by calling 888.853.7117 Ext 3


By joining the Simpurgo team you become part of a movement to create a simply better cleaning services. Our growing team is filled with people who want to be part of some thing that is more than just a cleaning job. We create careers and support our team members 100 percent of the way.

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