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In order to provide you with a tailored janitorial proposal, we must first get some preliminary details so we can get you exactly what your building requires.

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Let’s have you provide us some basic information so we can gain an overview on the cleaning service you require


    Your account manger will contact you within 24HRS to confirm the date and time for the site assessment. You can also call us any time toll free: 888-853-7117

    On-Site Assessment

    During this visit our account manager will gather all information regarding your cleaning requirements, facility details, current deficiencies, and provide you with guidance on creating a strong janitorial program


    Once all information of your facility and SOW is gathered, we’ll begin creating your tailored janitorial proposal. Our proposals dive deep into all components that make up a strong janitorial program. We’ll include guidance on current deficiencies, detailed SOW for each area and corresponding frequencies, supplies we’ll use, introduction to the team you’ll get to know, how we plan on executing the cleaning services and what makes Simpurgo your best choice at getting your building clean.

    Let's start cleaning