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Our tailormade commercial cleaning services are specially designed so that you can focus on your core business while we handle all your cleaning requirements.

Simpurgo has the experience and management capabilities to create and implement a SOP best fit for your unique and the people within it. Call 1-888-853-7117 to receive the most of your janitorial budget by enquiring about our commercial cleaning service Vancouver, Calgary and Edmonton.

COMMercial CLEANING Services

Why is commercial cleaning so important in workplaces? 

From restaurant cleaning to office cleaning to medical cleaning, they all require the same outcome. A hygienically clean place of business. This is no longer a want, it’s a need. Commercial cleaning services provide a two tier system, offering a visual pleasing atmosphere while protecting the people within it by decreasing the risks of transmittable viruses. 

Contracting out your cleaning services allows for a much more refined cleaning program to be put in place. Your service provider should have a wide range of knowledge which should be tailored to your specific building, type of business, and traffic patterns within it. Within the cleaning program, tasks such as periodic cleanings, priorities, high traffic areas, and sensitive critical cleaning areas should be thoughtfully intergraded into the program. The cleaning tasks should then be blended together with all policies, protocols and quality assurance systems to ensure a seamless program is put in place. 

When cleaning is an important aspect in your operations, make sure you hire a service professional who cares and understands all the components that make up a strong cleaning service program. 

Our teams of professional cleaners are well trained and experienced. Dive into a service and see what Simpurgo can offer. Available cleaning services Vancouver, Edmonton and Calgary.

Office Cleaning

RETAIL Cleaning

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Car Dealership

Restaurant Cleaning

Medical Cleaning

Education Cleaning

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Warehouse Cleaning

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Strata Cleaning

floor care services

Floors are the foundation to your building, so hire the best to maintain them.

Regardless of which type of flooring you have in your space, it needs continuous and rigorous upkeep to look great and last long. While all Simpurgo team members are experienced in regular maintenance such as sweeping and mopping, our expertise extends beyond these daily duties.

We provide deep floor cleaning in order to remove all built-up debris that could be missed through traditional maintenance approaches. We also offer floor waxing, strip & waxing or recoating and all types for floor polishing and burnishing. And let’s not forget about the soft floors, we also do carpet cleaning. We love all floors!

Available cleaning services Calgary, Edmonton and Vancouver

Carpet Cleaning

Floor Waxing

Floor Scrubbing

Floor Burnishing

specialty cleaning services

Simpurgo is a one-stop for all things cleaning. We make things simple by eliminating the need to hire multiple services providers. We’re the expert cleaners for all things cleaning!

Our Project Management team is highly versed in a wide range of deep cleaning and specialty cleaning tasks. From window washing with our state of the art 4-stage water filtration systems, to Electrostatic disinfecting, all the way to steam drain cleaning and pressure washing. Here at Simpurgo we take pride in training our in-house team of project cleaners to be the best, because it’s just not all about cleaning toilets for us. 

Simply better cleaning is in our name. 

Available cleaning services Edmonton, Vancouver and Calgary


Pressure Washing

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