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Car Dealership Cleaning
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I have had the opportunity to have Simpurgo service our business for the past 5 years and it has been a very positive experience. The team is very professional, respectful and dedicated to their work. The constant check ins by management at Simpurgo have ensured quality is always at its highest. Highly recommended!

a sparkling clean car dealership

When you work in the car sales industry, you know that first impressions are important. Customers need to trust you before making a purchase. At Simpurgo, we’ll clean every corner of your dealership so that you can feel confident about having nothing to hide.

From pressure washing the parking lot your customers test drive cars in, to polishing the windows your customers peer through to see the showroom, we ensure that every touchpoint your customer has with your dealership is a clean one.

When you work with Simpurgo, our staff keeps your space dust-free through regular high and low dusting. We maintain your floor’s cleanliness by providing a variety of regular floor cleaning services. Our staff is flexible and analytical when working in your space and always keep an eye out for which other services would benefit your car dealership.

When your customer gets serious about a vehicle, your staff likely brings them into the office. This is an exciting part of the customer’s experience, and the office space should match that excitement. Does yours hold up?

At Simpurgo, we’re experienced in office cleaning. We know how important a clean office is for both your customers’ experience and your staff’s sanity. When you choose Simpurgo for your car dealership cleaning, we clean every detail in the office, including the dust in the keyboard, the old marks on the wall, and the coffee stains in the rug.

Our staff knows that your car dealership doesn’t end at the showroom, and we work to ensure that your entire space boosts your reputation.

You’re in the market for a cost-effective solution, and Simpurgo is on the market to offer one. While cleanliness is the foundation of your organization, we understand that your focus is on other goals. We want you to be able to reach these goals while we maintain your space, which is why we offer high quality cleaning at a fair rate.

the gleaming car dealership cleaning service we provide