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Simpurgo Building Maintenance 11007
Deep Floor Scrubbing
maintenance for all flooring types
All Floors Need Love

Regardless of which type of flooring you have in your space, it needs continuous and rigorous upkeep to look great and last long. While all Simpurgo team members are experienced in regular maintenance such as sweeping and mopping, our expertise extends beyond these daily duties. We provide deep floor cleaning in order to remove all built-up debris that could be missed through traditional maintenance approaches. With our floor scrubbing machines, we ensure that your floors are left completely clean—including the edges, grouts, and cracks.

Deeping floor scrubbing services

When the floors in your facilities are properly maintained through techniques such as deep scrubbing, time and money is saved over time by avoiding major restorations and floor replacements. But regular maintenance can be complicated. Different types of floors have different cleaning requirements and can be damaged if they’re not handled properly.

Simpurgo staff is trained in cleaning every type of commercial floor, and our team will let you know whether deep scrubbing would benefit your facilities.

Some types of flooring will require additional care such as burnishing or waxing. However, this type of maintenance cannot be done on a dirty floor. Deep scrubbing is the basis of care and prepares your floor for any additional maintenance it might need.

Maintaining clean facilities is vital to a strong organization, and a clean floor can be a clear sign of the dedication your company puts into your space. Our team appreciates the fact that our hard work can create a positive impact in your organization, which is why we provide quality floor cleaning services at a rate that’s fair.

Your future is looking clean!