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COVID-19 (Coronavirus) is a virus that can cause diseases ranging from the common cold to more severe diseases such as Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) and Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS). More information is constantly being gathered to combat this deadly virus.

COVID-19 is a threat that is extremely real to businesses today. If the virus infiltrates your facility, it can compromise the wellbeing of your customers and your staff. Creating an action plan for how you’ll both prevent the virus and combat it if it infiltrates your space is essential. The Simpurgo team is trained and prepared to help you execute your plan when you need us.

how we disinfect
Preventing the Spread of Coronavirus

Preventative disinfection becomes the front-line defense against the spreading of a virus. Proven disinfecting services must be rigorous to ensure all pathogens, bacteria and contaminants are neutralized and removed.

Touchpoints such as door handles, stair railings, keyboards, chair backs, and counters are common contact areas that our team focuses on disinfecting. But there are many more touchpoints and they differ from facility to facility. Our main goal is to make sure your building, restaurant, condo high-rise or office receives a 360° disinfection process so you can keep operating safely.

our disinfecting & deep cleaning process

With the use of high tech electrostatic sprayers and no-rinse food safe disinfectant, our team ensures that every porous and non-porous surface in your facility is disinfected. This innovative disinfecting method makes sure that no surface is left uncleaned.

As we passthrough each quadrant of the space, the electro charged particles blanket themselves around each surface/object. Our no-rinse disinfectant allows for an effortless service that allows every surface and object within your facility to be thoroughly disinfected.

See how safe and affordable our Electrostatic Service is by requesting an onsite evaluation

The manual spray down includes the following steps:

1. Each nonporous surface is cleaned to remove any soils

2. A second spray of a stronger 1:12 ratio of disinfectant. Dwell time is 10-minutes

3. Once the set time is complete, a damp rinse is completed on sensitive surfaces followed by hand polishing

ULV Application is completed with a cold fogger which will apply 20-50 microns of no-rinse disinfectant onto each surface. Our larger ULV sprayers can spray up to 5 meters making it an ideal device for warehouses, construction sites, shopping centers and exterior applications.

Victory Innovations Electrostatic Sprayers

Spartan Chemicals – Super Neutral L Disinfectant (DIN: 02358522)

Spartan Chemicals – DMQ (DIN: 02355310)

WHY is deep cleaning the surface required first?
The reason for pre-cleaning and agitation is to remove any soils which may restrict the disinfectant from penetrating the pathogens/bacteria when using a topical application process. This is essential on all critical touchpoints and high traffic areas.
Managing A COVID Outbreak?
If your business has closed following an outbreak, getting your facility back to being a healthy and safe environment is your priority. Our team is prepared to handle emergency outbreak situations. Call us on our 24 Hour Support Line 1-888-853-7117 Ext 3