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Education Cleaning
for healthy learning environments
Affordable And Scalable Educational Cleaning For Safer, Healthier, And Cleaner Learning Environments
educational cleaning redefined

Student happiness is directly correlated with better grades, and a dusty and dirty environment is counter-productive to that goal.

All students should be provided with clean rooms, halls, dorms, and more, to allow them to focus on fulfilling their potential.

Simpurgo understands this, and we employ convenient scheduling, the highest standards, and the most efficient cleaning methods to ensure a clean and maintainable environment.

Attendance is key to a student’s success.

Not only the attendance of the student, but teachers, principals, and other staff, which requires an environment free of dust, mold, dirt, and other substances that can result in someone falling ill.

At Simpurgo, we understand the importance of maintaining a healthy environment so students and staff can maintain perfect attendance.

Educational institutes tend to have a limited budget – after all, the majority of their budget is reserved for the school’s resources. This makes it difficult to allocate the desired funds for cleaning and maintenance.

Simpurgo understands the restraints of a school budget, so we offer affordable, all-encompassing educational cleaning and maintenance services to ensure a stress-free solution.

A+ eduscational cleaning services

There are several good reasons that Simpurgo has been our maintenance contractor for a decade. Price, professionalism and quality work.

Why Us?

At Simpurgo, our raison d’être is to provide you with a safe and healthy educational environment.

With our expertly trained and experienced staff, we effectively clean, disinfect, and polish every part of your educational institute, so there’s no room for any faults. With customized cleaning schedules, state-of-the-art cleaning equipment, fair prices, and a little bit of love, we take pride in being the best janitorial service in Edmonton, Calgary, and Vancouver!

  • Small school? We provide elementary, high school, and even daycare cleaning.
  • Growing college? No problem at all.
  • Have an entire university with classes, dorms, etc.? Challenge accepted!