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Floor Burnishing
maintaining your vinyl floors

Does Your VCT Floors Need Touching Up?

If your facility has vinyl flooring, then you’ll need to schedule floor burnishing regularly in order to maintain your floor and extend its life. Regardless of what type of business you own, the simple act of people walking in your space—especially people in their salt-covered boots in the midst of the great Canadian winter—slowly damages the top layer of your floor, making it look not-so-great.

When VCT flooring isn’t regularly burnished, the wax that was sealed on top of the tiles during installation or maintenance wears away in areas with high foot traffic. This causes holes and pockets to develop in the wax, making the floor susceptible to capturing dirt and losing its shine. This dirt is sealed in and cannot just be swept away.

what is floor burnishing

Floor burnishing ensures that the floor remains shiny and clean between floor waxes. When burnishing your VCT flooring, our trained staff uses a high RPM machine to remove the thinnest layer of wax in order to resurface the floor and to strengthen the next layer of wax, giving your vinyl floor a facelift.

Depending on the foot traffic in your space, floor burnishing might need to be done daily, monthly, or somewhere in between. Developing a maintenance schedule with Simpurgo that’s based on your floor’s needs is the simplest and most inexpensive way to ensure your vinyl floors both look good and remain in good condition.

Grocery stores with lots of traffic might benefit from floor burnishing done every night. Small offices might only require floor burnishing bi-weekly. When you work with Simpurgo, we help you determine how much maintenance your floor needs and then develop a schedule so that you can worry about important business matters while we take care of your floors.

Maintaining clean facilities is vital to a strong organization, and a clean floor can be a clear sign of the dedication your company puts into your space. Our team appreciates the fact that our hard work can create a positive impact in your organization, which is why we provide quality floor cleaning services at a rate that’s fair.

Your future is looking clean!