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Medical Cleaning
Exceptional medical cleaning service
Fostering Great Health Through Routine Cleaning And Disinfecting
germ-free and antiseptic healthcare facility

Medical facilities are at the top of the list of locations that require absolute cleanliness.

Unsanitary or unclean medical facilities can become the perfect breeding ground for diseases and bacteria – which is especially dangerous to countless vulnerable patients.

This is why routine clean-ups are important for every medical facility, ensuring zero chance for any cross-contamination.

At Simpurgo, we understand the importance of a clean, disinfected, and sterile medical environment. Our team develops customized cleaning schedules to maintain a perfect medical facility without ever getting in the way.

The path to recovery is not only physical, but also mental – and a pleasant environment plays a major role in a patient’s mental recovery.

A clean and healthy environment will foster feelings of safety and calmness in patients, easing and possibly bettering their mental and patient anxiety as a result.

At Simpurgo, we care for your patients and your clients.

We ensure that they have the best possible experience at your medical facility by providing a sanitary, clean, and overall pleasant environment.

The cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting, of medical facilities requires excessive training and experience.

The cleaning staff should have a basic understanding of immunology, microbiology, and disease transmission to ensure they know which areas to prioritize, and how to contain any potential bacteria and diseases.

Similarly, medical cleaning requires special health grade detergents and techniques designed to provide the level of disinfecting needed in a healthcare facility.

At Simpurgo, our team has years of training and expertise in medical cleaning. We understand the nuisances of medical facilities and have developed several techniques ensure proper disinfecting.

“Since starting to use Simpurgo for our cleaning needs, we have been nothing but happy with their work. Their dedication to cleanliness and organization is far above that of any other like company. As a medical clinic, we pride ourselves with a high level of clinic maintenance and we are thrilled to have Simpurgo be a part of that equation. We would recommend their services to small and large businesses alike! Thank you Simpurgo for the excellent quality of work!! We look forward to continuing to work with you!!”

the incomparable healthcare cleaning services we offer
Why Us?

At Simpurgo, our raison d’être is to provide you with a safe and healthy educational environment.

With our expertly trained and experienced staff, we effectively clean, disinfect, and polish every part of your educational institute, so there’s no room for any faults. With customized cleaning schedules, state-of-the-art cleaning equipment, fair prices, and a little bit of love, we take pride in being the best janitorial service in Edmonton, Calgary, and Vancouver!

  • Small school? We provide elementary, high school, and even daycare cleaning.
  • Growing college? No problem at all.
  • Have an entire university with classes, dorms, etc.? Challenge accepted!