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Simpurgo Building Maintenance 11007
Pressure Washing
restoring your facility
Sometimes regular cleaning methods will do the trick in removing dirt, grease, stains, and tough debris. But when surfaces haven’t received regular maintenance, these imperfections can begin to appear permanent. That is when the Simpurgo team will use quality pressure washers and skillful techniques to get rid of the imperfections you may have nearly given up on.

We haven't seen our mall this cleaning for 18 years. Exceptional service!

power washing all types of surfaces

Whether it’s an internal or external surface in need of a deep clean, pressure washing might be the solution that you need. Our pressure washing services can remove most:

If there’s an alternate solution that might work better than pressure washing a problem area, our team is skilled in determining the best strategy to help you reach your cleanliness goals.


Sometimes pressure washing is required inside. This requires an electric machine with typically less psi. Interior surfaces are not made like exterior surfaces and are much more sensitive. 

Using the proper equipment, whether it’s for an exterior sidewalk or interior dish area, requires a trained team. 

Whether you need our pressure washing services to restore a problem area in your space, or you’d like pressure washing to be part of your scheduled cleaning services, our staff is happy to help.

Your organization is busy, and a clean facility is only a small piece of everything it takes for you to operate effectively. We understand your position, which is why we’re dedicated to providing our quality services at a fair rate.

Your future is looking clean!