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The team at Simpurgo has been exceptional with the 2 locations of mine that they have serviced. Their quality of work has easily been the best of all the cleaning companies I have worked with. Matthew and his team have been professional and very versatile with meeting our needs even in the midst of COVID-19.

seamless retail store cleanliness

It is well known that one of the primary reasons a customer doesn’t revisit a store or restaurant is cause of a dirty bathroom.

The most important thing to a customer when they walk into your store, is cleanliness.

If your retail store is dirty, the customer will automatically build a negative opinion of your store – regardless of what you provide.

A clean and fresh store will always increase customer retention and satisfaction.

We at Simpurgo understand the importance of store cleanliness, and provide retail store cleaning services that create a standard your customers can consistently count on.

Health is the foremost concern for all people.

And a healthy retail environment is the cornerstone of retail success.

A clean, disinfected, and polished environment, isn’t just an option, it’s a must.

Simpurgo’s expert staff is experienced in removing every last bit of unwanted mess from floors, walls, furniture, escalators, ceilings, and everything in between.

We believe in creating an atmosphere free of worries – and filled with care.

Customer satisfaction is dependent on employee satisfaction.

You may have the best retail set-up in town, but if your employees dislike working there, you won’t find it harder to maintain clients.

A clean environment tends to build up employee satisfaction by increasing their motivation, productivity, and their overall mood.

A clean and healthy environment can be the foundation to ensuring that your employees work at their highest levels.

At Simpurgo, we believe that a clean environment leads to happy employees, which leads to satisfied customers.

Every retail store has its own routines and schedules that they follow for optimal performance.

This is why it is important for cleaning services to work at times and in ways that do not interrupt or upset the daily routine of a retail store.

There needs to be a balance – especially with high-turnover areas like washrooms and walkways with emphasis on specific touchpoints.

At Simpurgo, our team is trained in scheduling and routine cleaning services.

We create a cleaning plan that gives you the full force of our cleaning power while causing little to no disturbance to your daily routine or schedule.

Theft prevention tips

  1. Ensure the janitorial company and all service providers have a theft bond or crime coverage
  2. Review the janitorial provider’s Employee Theft and Theft Prevention Policy
  3. Implement a transparent garbage bag policy
  4. Implement staff walk-outs with a manager before leaving the store
  5. Schedule the cleaning staff during hours when the store manager is onsite and can monitor the service
  6. Use a “lock-in” policy or hire a guard if cleaning staff must be onsite without management
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