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Scent Marketing
the power of scent marketing

Imagine walking into one of your favourite retail stores, hairdressers, or hotels with a blindfold on. Would you recognize where you are purely based on the smell? Would that smell trigger you to feel immediately excited, relaxed, or content without you really knowing why? That’s the power that scent marketing has over us.

The average individual has the capability to memorize approximately 10,000 different smells, and your brand is now in a unique position where your smell can be one that your customers just know.

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Scent marketing includes diffusing a pleasant and unique aroma into your space—whether you’re running the facilities of a hotel chain, a gas station, an office, a gym, or any other location—to create an atmosphere that’s enjoyable and encouraging.

Because of the neurological pathway that each of your visitors has between their nose and the sections of their brain in charge of memories and emotions, using scent marketing can impact the individuals in your facility in a deeper way than other kinds of marketing.

Scent marketing has been tied to a lot of positive statistics:

  • Increase in sales because of increase in foot traffic and time spent in facility
  • Increase in productivity amongst staff
  • Deeper connections between consumers and brand

The power that scent marketing has is that it’s discrete. It doesn’t overwhelm those in your space in the way a flashy billboard or repetitive video ad would, but instead paves a way for a genuine connection with your brand.

making scents of scent marketing

When you work with Simpurgo, we provide you with all the equipment and products needed so that your space continuously smells the way that you choose.

Our process includes 2 major steps:

  1. We determine the type of commercial aroma diffuser machines that would best suit your facilities
  2. We work with you to choose unique scents that compliment your brand and your facilities

Once our aroma diffusers and installed and working in your space, we’ll provide ongoing maintenance to ensure that your facilities always smell great.