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Window Cleaning
window cleaning services that reflect your business

If you’re running a retail store, you know how important it is to have clean windows that allow you to showcase your best products. If you’re running an office building, you know that clean windows let in more light and boost productivity. And if you’re running a factory, you know that window cleaning is necessary in providing a safe and clean environment for workers.

Although different industries have different expectations for window cleanliness, we know that clean windows are important in every industry. At Simpurgo, our staff pays extra attention to cleaning your windows so that they reflect your company in the best way possible.



Using the latest and best equipment for efficiency and safety


Providing rigorous OHS practices within public and populated areas


Using teams of professionals who’s goal is quality – always

stress-free & streak-free window cleaning services

Windows get dirty—repeatedly. Which is why Simpurgo is dedicated to cleaning them repeatedly. When you choose Simpurgo to clean your windows as either part of a janitorial services package or as an individual service, we’ll work with you to determine a regular maintenance schedule that suits your needs. And then our staff will handle the rest.

Windows get dirty from both sides. Depending on what’s going on in your facilities and where your building is located, your windows might be collecting dust inside or might be pummeled by intense weather from the outside. Whatever condition your window is in, we focus on cleaning every part of it.

Our team is focused on providing a detailed clean that includes all parts of your windows: the glass, the frames and the sills. We spend the time it takes to clean properly and don’t rush an intricate job that requires attention to detail.

The using of Tucker poles, squeegees, and razor blades requires excessive training and experience. We invest both in our equipment and teams.

At Simpurgo, our team has years of training and expertise in window cleaning. We understand the nuisances of the difficulties involved and have developed several techniques ensuring we reach the highest of standards – always!.

Keeping your windows clean is just a small fraction of everything it takes to run your business. We understand that, which is why we’re dedicated to providing our high quality window cleaning service at a fair rate that fits your needs.

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Your future is looking clean!