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Floor Waxing
a shine that lasts
When vinyl flooring is first installed in a facility, a floor wax is applied to seal in the tiles and make the space look great. But floor wax slowly wears away as people walk around, and soon it becomes the responsibility of the business owner or facility manager to keep the floors in a nice and shiny condition.
WHY do my floors need waxing?

While regular maintenance (such as scrubbing and burnishing) keeps your floors looking shiny and clean for longer, floor waxing is a necessary step towards ensuring the longevity of your VCT flooring.

The trick to shiny, glossy floors is keeping the wax well-maintained on a daily level and over time. There are several factors that need to be considered:

Whether you know the answers to these questions or you’re now completely intimidated, it’s clear that there’s a lot to think about when it comes to flooring. Especially when you’re also managing other important components of your organization. At Simpurgo, we’ll analyze your vinyl flooring, develop an action plan, and tackle all of the required floor maintenance. We’ll answer all of the questions above and let you focus on your work.

the two types of floor waxing services

A strip and wax is a labour-intensive process that refreshes your VCT flooring. When your floor is maintained regularly with scrubbing, burnishing, and recoating, this robust process is only needed every 2 to 5 years. If your floors are not well-maintained, you might find it necessary to strip and wax every year.

Simply put, the work completed during a strip and wax is exactly what it sounds like: our staff uses machinery to strip any remaining wax from the floor, we detail all the tiles that need care, and then we layer wax back on in multiple thin coats. The end result is a floor that looks shiny and ready to face the years to come.

At Simpurgo, our focus is on being eco-friendly and gentle to your work environment while providing high-quality results. For this reason, we’ve invested in Orbital machines that allow us to employ a dry strip method rather than the harmful stripping agents used by many other janitorial service providers.

A scrub and recoat completed every few months protects your VCT flooring from regular wear-and-tear. It also prolongs the amount of time until you need to invest in another strip and wax.

When people walk through your space continuously, it causes small pores and scratches to develop in the wax. While scrubbing and burnishing regularly removes most debris that gets caught in these pores and scratches, the wearing of the wax continues and it becomes increasingly more difficult to clean fully. By scrubbing your floor and rewaxing it, the Simpurgo team is able to bring it back to a healthier and shinier state.

Your future is looking clean!