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Kitchen Cleaning
a clean kitchen boosts morale

Chefs and cooks are busy. They’re usually balancing a variety of tasks (and dishes!) at any given time, and a clean workspace is vital in ensuring that they can deliver a positive and healthy experience to your customers. But with all these tasks at hand, who is responsible for cleaning the kitchen?

Studies show that workplace satisfaction is the strongest factor in determining employee productivity. And a great way to boost your chefs’ and cooks’ morale is to provide them with a clean kitchen for them to work their magic in. When the Simpurgo team cleans your kitchen, our focus is on creating a hygienic and positive environment for your valuable employees, because we know that employee retention and productivity are vital to your organization’s success.

the essential kitchen cleaning services

Very reliable and professional team. We have been using them since our restaurant opened and they are always able to execute any task to the highest quality. Would highly recommend!

degreasing is the T-Bone of kitchen cleaning

If your restaurant kitchen was suddenly on an international cooking show, would you be proud to have the world to see it? At Simpurgo, we know the importance of cleaning everything—not just the visible surfaces. Our team will come equipped with the proper equipment to clean the hardest areas, from canopy range hoods with built up grease to the difficult grills and ovens.

When you work with food, hygiene is a factor that, if overlooked, could cost you your business. But we know that you prioritize hygiene. Luckily, hygiene is our priority too. Our team is skilled in both cleaning and disinfecting facilities so that they surpass health and safety expectations.

Fell good knowing our experienced staff are well trained in all areas. We train our staff rigorously ensuring lines are pulled, floor drains are flushed, dish areas are polished, and grease is removed from all areas.  

Maintaining a clean kitchen is vital to your organization and is a clear sign of the dedication your company puts into the space where your staff spends so much time. Our team appreciates the fact that our hard work can create a positive impact in your organization, which is why we provide quality kitchen cleaning services at a rate that’s fair.

Working has hard as cooks do makes hiring and retaining staff hard enough. Allowing your kitchen staff to concentrate on upkeep rather than the back-breaking deep cleaning will increase your retention of BOH staff.

Your future is looking clean!