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Office Cleaning Checklist

Creating An Office Cleaning Checklist

All commercial cleaning companies and janitorial companies should follow a detailed office cleaning checklist. A checklist will help organize the daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly duties required to keep an office looking it’s best.

Every building is unique and every office within that building is unique. Each client will require a cleaning service tailored to their specific business and building needs. The first step to achieving a quality cleaning service is to properly organize the scope of work. Experience of the janitorial company plays a major role in how detailed the cleaning checklist will be.

We have published our cleaning checklist so that everyone knows what work we do. Compare our office cleaning checklist with other Edmonton janitorial companies and you will quickly see that Simpurgo is the best cleaning company in Edmonton. Creating an office cleaning checklist begins with breaking down the office space into sections, such as;

  • Private Offices
  • Boardrooms and Meeting Rooms
  • Lunchrooms
  • Restrooms
  • File Rooms
  • Entrances
  • Cubicles
  • Reception Area

Each of these areas will have their own duties and schedule. An experienced janitorial company will be able to identify the general duties. Collaboration with the client will help identify any specific requirements, such as;

  • Dirty dishes in private offices
  • Recycling/shredding protocol for sensitive documents
  • Coffee area replenishment
  • Plant watering
  • Sensitive surfaces or secured areas
  • Increase frequency of some areas

Having a janitorial company who you can communicate and collaborate with will help create a strong scope of work to be identified within the checklist.

Once the key tasks of each area are laid out, it’s important to then concentrate on office hygiene. Each of the areas will have certain touch points, which will need special attention to reduce the risk of transferring germs around the workplace. Areas such as; keyboards, telephones, door handles, copiers, water coolers and restrooms will need to have a strict schedule to minimize risks.

The other key factor is indicating how these touch points will be managed. There are 2 protocols which are used: disinfecting and sanitizing. Both are useful, but some areas will need one and not the other. Learn more about the Difference Between Sanitizing Vs Disinfecting

The last component of any successful office cleaning checklist is the frequency of services in each area. Laying out a strong schedule will be the difference between a great office cleaning service and a not so great service.

Experience and awareness of each area will help clarify what is needed daily and what can be moved to monthly, quarterly or yearly. Costs also play a major role in scheduling and must be calculated while initially quoting the office cleaning. Frequency of the office cleaning duties is where most janitorial companies cut corners. It’s usually a direct relation to under bidding a contract or lack of experience.

Simpurgo Building Maintenance is a company who holds itself to the highest standards of quality and consistency. Another way we guarantee our services is through quality assurance. Having an area for inspection scoring added into the checklist helps us monitor the quality of service our clients receive.

Feel free to download our office cleaning checklist. Want an excel file? Email us at Info@Simpurgo.Com

Looking for a new janitorial company? Compare our office cleaning services to your current providers by requesting an office cleaning quote today

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