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Simpurgo Building Maintenance 11007
Our Team
Janitorial Services

We are only as good as the teams that work for us. That means we undertake a rigorous employee selection process that ensures we only have the best cleaners working at your facility. We have your trust and we are careful to work with honest, trustworthy people you can feel safe around.

We are down to earth when it comes to employee welfare as we are well aware of the struggle within the minimum wage industry so we aim to improve the lives of our staff by paying above the normal average. We are dedicated to keeping our employees motivated and committed through incentives and benefits that rewards them for going the extra mile for you. We value those that work with us and give them a reason to be content.

We want you at ease and that means providing you with cleaners that are content, motivated and put in the effort to make sure you are completely satisfied.

recognition program

We have our eyes out for dedicated workers passionate about what we do here and we go the extra mile to reward amazing employees.

Achievement Simpurgo award


Our Top Performance Award is a monthly award dedicated to a single team member who has been referred by a supervisor or manager. We honor them with a cheque of $200.00 and recognition momentum.

Our Highest Honors Award is given out once a year to a team member who has shown unmatched workmanship, drive and passion to assist Simpurgo become an industry leader. We honor them with a cheque of $500.00

And we don’t stop there! We let our clients recommend team members who have shown exceptional customer service and gone beyond their scope of work to provide amazing service. We can’t keep track on how many and how often these awards are earned by our teams.


join OUR growing team

By joining the Simpurgo team you become part of a movement to create a simply better cleaning services. Our growing team is filled with people who want to be part of some thing that is more than just a cleaning job. We create careers and support our team members 100 percent of the way.