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Our Quality Assurance
quality assurance that works

For the most part, our cleaning is done by humans and in our history as a cleaning company, we’ve had our fair share of complaints. From poor cleaning to losing keys, we’ve seen it all. We have learnt from them however and used them to improve by structuring new policies and creating new programs to ensure they almost never happen in the future.

We are obsessed with offering the best. Our CEO and Founder, Matthew Roselle started Simpurgo with this ideology and it has guided us down to this day. We are not just content with delivering good service. We believe it can get better and so we go after the best.

We spare no expense when it comes to double-checking and ensuring we deliver the best. Our investment in state-of-the-art technology proves this.

meet mop OUR mobile operating platform

Humans can be flawed. So we turn to technology to increase our efficiency and ensure we give the 99% squeaky clean effect on every cleaning round. We have invested in the development of our own mobile operating system.

This has tremendously improved our staff efficiency as they now have a tracking and monitoring tool to complete their daily duties. We now have eyes on the quality of work every hour of the day. MOP has greatly improved communication between team members and clients using transparent communication and documentation.

MOP is designed to be the perfect guide towards efficient cleaning. It helps our staff do the following:

And best of all, out teams become more accountable for the work performed.

All members of our workforce are trained to use our Mobile Operating Platform. What we seek is the best service delivered and we stop at nothing to get it!

the rite way is our way

Rite is our quality-control program engineered to ensure our services are meeting all standards on all levels. To offer the best, we balance 4 essential components which keep our quality of service at the highest level.

We strive for quality by doing things the rite way:


Remote Monitoring







Our app plays a big role in remote monitoring and clients now have access to review, document and monitor or duties. On-site team members also perform self-monitoring tasks to ensure quality assurance.

Operation Managers and Quality Control technicians are responsible for the ongoing supervision. This ensures that whatever is missed by one is noticed by the other. This inspection can be conducted weekly, monthly or quarterly.

We’ve had 10 years to learn from our mistakes and with every passing year, we see our company leaping towards perfection as we strive for the very best.