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Restaurant Cleaning
redefining restaurant cleaning
Providing True Visual and Hygienic Restaurant Cleaning Services
Distinguishing your restaurant

The moment a customer walks into your restaurant, they develop an opinion about it and develop certain expectations for the food.

And first impression a customer has of your restaurant is the most vital factor to overall customer satisfaction.

A clean, fragranced, and polished restaurant will always create a positive impression, and may even complement the food – ultimately creating a superior dining experience.

At Simpurgo, we understand that first impressions matter, and last, so our primary aim is to provide visually stunning restaurant cleaning services.

Health inspections are a hassle – but absolutely necessary.

Passing health inspections means that your customer knows your restaurant is sanitary and free of any hazardous bacterial growth.

A restaurant that is regularly serviced and clean will always pass any and all health inspections without any bumps in the road.

Simpurgo believes the real contaminants are the ones that are invisible to the naked eye.

We use state-of-the-art equipment to provide superior hygienic cleaning services, leaving zero room for any bacteria.

Your employees are the face of your restaurant, and it is imperative to keep them happy and content. This means you need to provide them with a clean, safe, and healthy environment to work in. The act of maintaining a pleasant environment builds respect towards you and your restaurant, and can foster loyalty, motivation, and overall productivity. Simpurgo understands the importance of staff satisfaction, so we aim to create a fostering, nurturing, and clean environment for your employees!
If your restaurant isn’t clean enough, everyone in your restaurant, including the food you serve, is at risk of cross-contamination. In such an environment, one dirty or contaminated object or surface can spread harmful bacteria to other surfaces, introducing the risk of spoiled food being served to a diner. With Simpurgo’s restaurant cleaning services, your customers can expect a spotless and sanitary environment, both, at their seat, and in the kitchen.

Simpurgo has been our go to service provider for everything cleaning related, since 2013. The atmosphere at Cactus Club demands perfection. From our food to our service, we strive for perfection on a daily basis. Simpurgo has those same goals in mind when it comes to cleaning. Knowing we will always have a clean and well maintained environment for our customers is a breath of fresh air. The partnership we have with Simpurgo is invaluable!” 

bien cuit cleaning services for your restaurant
Why Us?

At Simpurgo, our raison d’être is to provide you with a safe and healthy restaurant environment.

With our expertly trained and experienced staff, we effectively clean, disinfect, and polish every part of your restaurant – leaving no room for faults.

With customized cleaning schedules, state-of-the-art cleaning equipment, fair prices, and a little bit of love, we take pride in being the best janitorial service in Edmonton, Calgary, and Vancouver!

  • Small bar? We provide single bar and kitchen cleaning.
  • Growing restaurant? We also provide multi-location restaurant cleaning.
  • Have an entire banquet? Challenge accepted!