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Simpurgo Building Maintenance 11007
Educational Sector
we clean schools, universities, daycares, and more

They lick things, they chew things, they put their hands where they probably shouldn’t. It’s not surprising that kids collect, carry, and transmit more germs than adults. But their germ-filled nature is no excuse for having an unclean environment. Schools and daycares are expected to return healthy and safe children at the end of each day and are often heavily criticized by disapproving parents if these needs are not met.

The pressure to maintain a high standard of cleanliness in your school or daycare is immense, and you may have previously employed individuals or cleaning companies that just haven’t met your understandably high expectations. Now you’re on the lookout for someone who gets it. At Simpurgo, we know how important cleanliness is to you, and our staff works to guarantee that everything is taken care of: from every hallway, to every room, to every detail.

A cleaning is only as good as the people behind it, so we make sure that our team is made up of meticulous and dedicated workers trained in school cleaning. All of the staff who are part of Simpurgo are thoroughly vetted and trained so that they meet and surpass your expectations.

No matter how many strategies are put in place, kids will continue to touch everything they come across—that’s just how they learn. We’ll ensure that everything they touch is cleaned with disinfectant products that are non-toxic and safe.

From lounging in each others’ dorms, to running in the hallways, to sweating in exam rooms, students are active around campus every day and your cleaning staff needs to keep up. A clean environment is crucial in ensuring students perform at their best and enjoy learning, directly impacting your educational institution’s reputation. Is your cleaning currently in the hands of a team that can keep up with your busy students?

When you work with Simpurgo, we establish a plan with you to make certain that your space is always a clean and productive working environment. Our diligent staff that handles all of your cleaning needs is trained to meet all of our guidelines so that you’ll never have to worry about the cleanliness of your space again.

We know that universities and educational institutions have strict budgets planned for pretty much everything. This is why we provide the best combination of high quality service and reasonable pricing.

Your future is looking clean!