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Health and Fitness Sector
keeping your gym, yoga studio, spa or recreationally facility clean
For many members of gyms, spas, and other recreational facilities, these spaces are an escape from the responsibilities of daily life. A place for them to relax, destress, and sweat. But smelling someone else’s sweat or being in an unclean space can quickly make the escape feel like another thing they have to endure. Considering all the other recreational facilities competing for your members’ loyalty, you need to stand out with a strong janitorial team that shows time and time again that they understand your needs and are ready to help you gain and retain members.
we disinfect your facility

According to industry research, the average piece of gym equipment is 362 times dirtier than the average toilet seat. Individuals can catch skin and fungal infections from shared mats. Hot yoga studios can be the breeding grounds for dangerous bacteria. Members are often extremely conscious about the state of their surroundings when they’re in your space because of the nature of such shared facilities, so it’s important that you prove your organization’s hygiene is above industry standards.

Our experienced team, trained in our industry-leading cleaning and disinfecting processes, ensures that your facilities are safe and spotless for your members to enjoy. Regardless of your facility’s size, we develop a plan to make sure all your bases are covered so that your members can feel safe and comfortable in the space they escape to.

odor removal for free

When you run a spa, you know how important scent is. When you own a gym, you really know how important scent is (it’s not good publicity when members show up in gas masks!). When you partner with Simpurgo for your contract cleaning service, we offer a full coverage air freshener and odor removal service for FREE.

quality recreational facility cleaning at gym membership prices
A clean environment isn’t your business’ number one priority. But at Simpurgo, we know that it allows your organization to better focus on the things that are. This is why we provide the best combination of high quality service and reasonable pricing.
Your future is looking clean!