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Healthcare Sector
high cleanliness standards in the healthcare industry

Whether you run a hospital, a dental clinic, a veterinary clinic, or any other medical practice, your doors are open to anyone who needs help. That’s what makes your organization great. Unfortunately, these open doors can also welcome contaminants that have no place in your healthcare facility.

There’s no doubt that your organization has countless procedures in place to keep your patients and hardworking staff healthy. At Simpurgo, we also have countless procedures in place to ensure your facilities match your high standards. Our team is dedicated to providing healthcare cleaning services that disinfect every single corner of your space and surpass your expectations.

we disinfect your medical center

In the healthcare industry, mistakes can have immense consequences. We know that these mistakes aren’t limited to the choices the staff make. Every single one of your partners and suppliers play a part in developing a strong healthcare organization. Your hospital is extremely selective about the staff that work in your facilities, and this selectivity should extend to the team that provides you with cleaning services.

Simpurgo staff is dedicated to cleaning and sterilizing every door handle, every desk, every piece of equipment. We know the stakes are high in the industry, which is why our staff is specifically trained in medical cleaning. We want you to feel confident about choosing Simpurgo, the same way your organization feels confident when selecting a new surgeon.

reliable cleanliness at fair rates
Everyone at your healthcare facility is busy with making your patients’ lives better, and a clean environment should just be a given. We provide the best combination of high quality service and reasonable pricing so that your hospital’s dollars and energy can continue to go towards helping those who enter your space.

Since starting to use Simpurgo for our cleaning needs, we have been nothing but happy with their work. Their dedication to cleanliness and organization is far above that of any other like company. As a medical clinic, we pride ourselves with a high level of clinic maintenance and we are thrilled to have Simpurgo be a part of that equation. We would recommend their services to small and large businesses alike! Thank you Simpurgo for the excellent quality of janitorial service!! We look forward to continuing to work with you!!

Your future is looking clean!