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Simpurgo Building Maintenance 11007
Manufacturing Sector
cleaning the manufacturing industry and keeping all your staff safe
You might be running the facilities of a material processing company, doing everything you can to ensure that your staff are healthy and safe. Or you might be running a food processing plant where you’re also concerned about the health and safety of the consumers purchasing your products. When you’re in charge of the facilities at a busy processing plant, there’s a lot of stresses coursing through your mind daily. The Simpurgo team wants to remove the stress of cleaning your facilities, so that you can focus on the work you specialize in.

Your busy facility is a combination of a lot of varied spaces: reception areas, offices, production areas, lunchrooms, and more. The nature of each space is different and needs to be cleaned in a different way. At Simpurgo, our teams are trained and experienced in handling the cleaning of manufacturing plants. We are prepared to clean every space where your staff work, meet, and relax in.

The health and safety of your facilities is vital to your organization’s health. At Simpurgo, we strive to keep your space running seamlessly by providing high quality cleaning services every time. All of the staff who are a part of Simpurgo are thoroughly vetted and trained so that they meet and go beyond your expectations. That’s why Simpurgo has had a 98% client retention rate since 2015.

Your manufacturing plant is busy. Lots of workers, suppliers, and machines make the space noisy. Our team doesn’t want to add to this noise. We schedule and plan our services in a way that helps keep your production plant clean without getting in the way of what you’re doing.

…but our manufacturing cleaning services are.

A clean environment isn’t your processing plant’s number one priority. But at Simpurgo, we know that it allows your teams to more safely focus on the things that are. This is why we provide the best combination of high quality service and reasonable pricing.

Simpurgo was recommended to our organization when we were looking for a company to provide cleaning services. They are very conscientious, hardworking individuals who holds themselves to very high standards. Simpurgo is easy to work with, is reliable and delivers excellent service for very reasonable rates. I would highly recommend Simpurgo to anyone and would be happy to act as a reference for prospective employers.

Your future is looking clean!