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Simpurgo Building Maintenance 11007
Oil and Gas Sector
cleaning up the oil & gas industry

The oil and gas industry is busy. There’s a lot of work to be done, a lot of workers to do it, and a lot of facilities that are used in the process. Whether you operate in the upstream, midstream, or downstream industry, you need to have a clean and healthy space for your workers and your equipment in order to meet the high demands set upon you. From refineries, to remote operation trailers, to camps, we’re experienced in cleaning these spaces so that you know your facilities are safe.

You know how important it is to recruit skilled workers in the oil and gas industry. We feel the exact same way about our work. A cleaning is only as good as the people behind it, so we make sure that our team is made up of meticulous and dedicated workers. All of the staff who are part of Simpurgo are thoroughly vetted and trained so that they meet and surpass your expectations.

The oil and gas industry can be dangerous and there’s a lot of regulations put in place to protect your workers. At Simpurgo, we’re well-versed in safety standards and are passionate about making your space a safe one for everyone who’s in it.

With all the moving parts involved in the oil and gas industry, a safe and clean environment is a priority that needs to be handled without taking up much of your team’s time. At Simpurgo, we care about making the process easy for you. This is why we provide the best combination of high quality service and reasonable pricing.

Simpurgo’s commitment to meeting their customers needs by providing quality cleaning services is highly valued by our staff. Simpurgo is a top quality commercial cleaning company that has never ceased to meet or exceed our cleaning requirements with a timely response to special requests and quick resolution of any unplanned situations. We are continuously impressed by the quality of services we receive, and will continue to recommend Simpurgo in the future.

Your future is looking clean!