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Our Technology
meet mop OUR mobile operating platform (mop)

We know we are in an industry where competitors have several decades of experience. However, what we do not have in terms of decades of experience, we make up for in our use of technology.

We enter into the janitorial industry at a time where technology is at its peak and previous imaginations have become a reality.

Human error has become a major challenge in the cleaning sector but we don’t see why that should stand in the way of quality. That is why we have developed MOP, our very own Mobile Operating Platform developed by cleaners for cleaners.

Years of research and development have been meticulously put in place to develop an app that makes cleaning more effective. We are greatly reducing the effect of human flaws by decreasing these deficiencies by focusing on transparency in communication between clients and teams as well as effective monitoring through our app.

We are also using technology to create a solid team of professional cleaners who are equipped in every possible way to get excellent work done!

our knowledge OUR CLEANING

Our Knowledge Library contains highly detailed training videos for our teams. These videos will help managers retrain our staff as we notice any deficiency and reason for improvement.

With 100s of hours of training videos, every sector of what we do is covered and documented as a reference point for the purpose of training.

We are changing how the janitorial sector works. We are using technology to create a super breed of cleaners equipped to take on every task with a high level of professionalism.

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