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Simpurgo Building Maintenance 11007
Financial Services Sector
cleaning up your financial institution’s reputation
You arrive at a bank to discuss your assets. As you sit in the office waiting for your meeting, you notice coffee stains on the desk in front of you. Your shoes are slightly sticking to the floor. Before a specialist even sits in front of you, you’ve made your decision about whether to invest with the organization.

You know that it’s vital that your clients trust you with their money. At Simpurgo, we couldn’t agree more. We believe that the driving force in developing a strong relationship with your clients is displaying high standards in every aspect of your business, especially your facilities. And we’re committed to constantly cleaning your space in a way that allows you to focus on the things you can control—like keeping your clients satisfied.

A cleaning is only as good as the people behind it, so we make sure that our team is made up of meticulous and dedicated workers. All of the staff who are part of Simpurgo are thoroughly vetted and trained so that they meet and surpass your expectations. That’s why Simpurgo has had a 98% client retention rate since 2015.

Banks and other financial institutions handle a lot of important confidential information on a daily basis. Any organization you work with, whether it’s your printing supplier or your janitorial company, needs to be a trusted partner that you can count on. Simpurgo’s intense hiring process and hands-on leadership approach is vital to our ability to deliver a service that you can trust.

Do you have multiple locations that you’re looking to have cleaned?  We have various qualified mobile teams that can ensure all your banks are cleaned at a consistently high quality that meets both your standards and ours. Our mobile operating platform allows both Simpurgo and clients to view nightly operations, including; GPS activated clock in/outs, QA reports, and group communications

A clean environment isn’t your business’s number one priority. But at Simpurgo, we know that it allows your organization to better focus on the things that are. This is why we provide the best combination of high quality service and reasonable pricing.

We are very pleased with the outstanding cleaning service provided by Simpurgo. They made an instant impression with all our staff and customers. Simpurgo janitorial staff have been reliable and very friendly making this new business relationship a new success. We look forward to many years ahead

Your future is looking clean!